A message from Jarratt

Thank you for visiting the site.

I first created a personal website in 2010 as a place for investors to learn more about me. 

However, my journey into business began way before that, in 2003. 

My first venture was a window cleaning business. The business was built through cold canvassing, partnerships and acquisitions. By the time I sold it in 2006, it had secured large government contracts and was growing rapidly.

This experience got me hooked on running my own businesses and trying to grow them.

However, for my next venture I decided to focus on something online (and indoors!).

The internet was becoming more accessible and mainstream and I was curious to be part of the revolution.

After months of research and trial and error, I discovered the world of financial trading. I soon realised the key to success in that business was capital. I also realised that I didn’t have enough of it to seriously make it work.

That realisation was the beginning of my journey into professional money management.

It began with trading money for friends and family and became, in 2012, an FCA regulated investment product. To attract new investors I launched my personal website and started blogging and creating videos. I also wrote a book and self-published it through Amazon.

These efforts paid off and I began meeting lots of different people that were interested in investing with me.

As the business grew, I realised I was attracting another type of person. Those that couldn’t or didn’t want to invest, but that wanted to learn how I did it.

I decided to take advantage of the opportunity by creating a training programme that those people could purchase. The training business operated from 2014 with its own independent team and also thrived.

Over the years, I have met some fantastic people and built up a strong network of industry contacts.

Building businesses online and managing people’s money have also given me fantastic experiences that I still draw on today.

I retired from professional money management and trader training in 2018. I wanted to operate as an independent investor and grow a portfolio of SME businesses.

I believe that profitable businesses are the best possible investment for long term capital appreciation. 

Our primary strategy is to acquire SME businesses that can either run independently or merge into an existing business.

I also work with a small number of companies as a non executive director and board advisor. This helps deepen my professional network and keep acquisition opportunities flowing.

If you are interested in having me work with your executive team, please get in touch here.

If you have a business for sale, head over to our website for more information about working with me.